Gastric syrup 200 ml

Gastric syrup 200 ml


An active barrier on the mucosa of the stomach and oesophagus – reduces heartburn – counters hyperacidity – counters gastric reflux – protects the stomach.

Oral suspension – CE medical device

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An active barrier on the mucosa of the stomach and oesophagus – reduces heartburn

This is a class 1 mechanical medical device recommended for countering sensations of hyperacidity, heartburn and stomach pains caused by irritation of the gastric mucosa; thanks to the combined action of its ingredients in creating an active mucoadhesive barrier to the stomach and oesophagus, it performs a local protective mechanical action, and integrates the physiological protection of the mucosa of the gastroesophageal segment, rapidly eliminating heartburn, pain and any feeling of heaviness. In can also be taken when pregnant and breastfeeding.

It is capable of:

  • Protecting the mucosa from attacks of acidity
  • Forming a protective mucoadhesive film, reinforcing the protective capability of the mucus
  • Creating a bio-active film to stop attacks of acidity
  • Neutralizing hyperacidity in the stomach
  • Eliminating symptoms, protecting the mucosa

Size 200 ml

Instruction for use:

Shake before use, as there may be sediment in the product. Any changes in colour or taste attributable to the natural origin of the extracts contained in the product do not affect its quality and effectiveness. The recommended dosage is 3-4 spoonfuls (15 ml) a day, between meals. Repeat as required.
Oral suspension. Can be taken over extended periods of time.