Cough syrup 200 ml

Cough syrup 200 ml


Soothes a cough – reduces the mucus
An active mucoadhesive barrier protecting airways

Oral suspension – CE medical device

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Soothes a cough – reduces the mucus

This is a Class 1 medical device which helps specifically in the case of dry, chesty and productive coughs thanks to its combined mucoadhesive and coating action. It acts mechanically on the irritated mucosa by means of two mechanisms:

  • Reducing the mucus by forming a “barrier-effect” film protecting the airway mucosa, and helping hydration and the expulsion of mucus.
  • Protecting the airway mucosa thanks to the mucoadhesive properties of its ingredients, in particular the mucus of the Helix Aspersa. The latter is capable of forming a protective, hydrating, mucoadhesive barrier limiting contact with external agents, which is especially important where the throat is more exposed to hostile environmental conditions and its physiological condition needs restoring.

Size 200 ml

Instructions for use

The recommended dosage is one spoonful (15 ml) two to four times a day. Sagapo Tosse sospensione orale can be taken undiluted or in a small amount of warm liquid (water, milk, tea…). Shake well before using, and close the bottle well after use. Any formation of sediment or light deposits is due to the presence of vegetable extracts, and does not affect the product’s properties. Any changes in colour attributable to the vegetable origin of the extracts contained in the product will not affect its quality and effectiveness.